8 Healthy Eating Tips For The 4th Of July


Some quick tips to enjoy the holiday weekend, but still keep up with healthy eating and weight loss goals.

1.  Eat before you head to a BBQ or party.  If you are already full, you won’t have so many cravings or “pig-out” on a lot of high-fat foods.

2.  If it is Potluck, offer to bring a fruit or veggie platter, salad, or trail mix.  Bringing a healthy platter will guarantee you have healthy food to nosh on.

3.  Don’t feel you have to sample everything.  Choose a few favorites you don’t get very often and enjoy them.  No need to eat potato chips when you can get them anytime, anywhere.

4.  Keep a balanced-plate.  If you do need to eat your main meal at a BBQ, choose a meal the same way you would at home, one meat serving, one starch, 1-2 vegetables, etc…  No need to have a hamburger and a hot dog, potato salad and macaroni salad and pasta salad…you get the idea.

5.  Stick to water (or non-sweetened soda, seltzer or low calorie beverage).  Iced tea, flavored seltzer, or a Vitamin Water Zero are good options.

6. Keep alcohol to a minimum.  Alcohol has almost as many calories, per gram, as pure fat.  Go easy with it.

7.  Don’t munch all day.  Have a meal and be done. Mindless eating adds a lot of calories, quickly.

8.  Remember parties are about friends, not eating.  While it’s nice to have goodies at any party, we’re there to see our friends and have fun.  Rather than eating all day, get your friends interested in a game of volleyball, badminton, Frisbee or some other activity.

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