Detox for Health?

I have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods Market.  There are things that make it wonderful and other things,…well, not so much.  The other day I was shopping there and noticed the end cap full of some kind of detox in a box.  I’m not sure if it was filled with supplements in pill or powder form, but the sign read something to the effect that it’s New Years, so we should all give ourselves a good cleanse.

While many, more alternative minded nutritionists, may try to sell you on *detoxing*, I can assure you that, no matter how well intentioned these individuals are, they have bought into one of many health hoaxs.  There is no reliable science that I have ever come across that advocates for any type of detox program, powder or pill.  Educated dieticians and nutritionists don’t recommend it.  Why not?

Because amazingly enough, you already have *detox in a box*!  Its called your liver.  While the liver may not have the prestige of a fancy heart or mysterious brain, the liver is one of the coolest organs you have in your body (and I’m not referring to it’s temperature).  The liver is responsible for so many functions within your body including making hormones, enzymes, regulating chemical processes, “burning fat”, and among many other functions, it’s your detox-er.  From chemicals you breathe in, ingest, produce, etc… your liver takes care of it all, detoxing you every day.

So you can pass on the “detox in a box” or pill or powder, for that matter, and trust that as long as you take care of your liver, it is taking care of you.

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