Exercise Tip for the Holidays, #1

If you are having trouble sticking with your exercise routine through the holiday season, remember this:  enjoy the holidays, but there is no need to stop your life for them.  The holidays in December range from 1 day to 8 days, not 31 days.  Don’t use them as an excuse to let your health slide.  If you do, you will always find excuses to let your routine go.  Life is full of responsibilities and activities, you must plan your schedule out in advance to ensure that you will have time for what you need to get done and among these responsibilities is exercise.  Don’t take on 50 home-made gifts, if you only have time for 10.  Don’t buy everyone in your life a present; it’s not good for your time-management, stress level or wallet.  As they say, K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Less is More!

A good way to keep you going to the gym through the holidays is to spice up your routine a bit.  Do something new or something you haven’t done in a while.  For instance, I used to run almost everyday and after a while I got bored with it.  So I switched to more weight training and basic cardio.  Well, I started to miss running and for the past week or so I have started to jog again.  When I get bored, I change what I am doing; but I don’t stop.  Never stop.  Try yoga, tai chi or something else that is unique and interesting.

Remember it’s a lifestyle, keep it interesting, keep it fun, and most important, keep on going.

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