Food Tip- Save Money Freezing Fresh Herbs

If you are like me and prefer the taste of fresh herbs as opposed to dried herbs, you can freeze fresh herbs for later use.  Fresh herbs do not last long in the "fridge" and it can be frustrating if they go bad before you get to use them; especially since some can be a little pricey and you usually do not need an entire bunch for one or two recipes.  Here is what you should do:

1.  Select FRESH herbs, not ones that are slimy or getting too dark. It is best to do this as soon as possible after purchasing to reduce chance of herbs spoiling in the refridgerator.
2.  Wash them and then place them in boiling water (called blanching) for about 10 seconds.
3.  Chill in ice water about 1 minute;  pat dry
4.  Seal enough herb for ONE USE/RECIPE in small freezer bags or foil.
5.  Label
To use: While frosty, snip into casserole, soup, or any recipe you choose.

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