How to Get Motivated

While everyone and their sister says "I need to lose weight" or " I’d love to get in shape", wishing for such things will not happen anymore than being rich will happen just because you wish you were a millionaire.  I use this example because that is how most people are.  They wish for a healthy physique but are not willing to do anything in order to really obtain it, just like people can wish for millions but will continue to work that average-salary job.  This is why so many people fail at their attempts for better health and weight loss.

If you truly want or need to lose weight, you need to actually TRY. 

  1. Identify your goal;  how much weight do you need to lose to be healthy and feel good. 
  2. Is this goal healthy and reasonable. 
  3. Make a plan on how to accomplish this goal (exercise routine, food journaling and figuring out how many calories per day you need, etc..). 
  4. Remind yourself why this goal is so important to you and write it down, put it on the refrigerator and remind yourself everyday why this goal is important.

You can do this!  You just have to commit yourself to accomplishing your goal and recognize it will not be easy, but it can be fun.  If it was easy, we would all be healthy and there wouldn’t be a 32 billion dollar health and fitness industry selling you everything from abdominal vibrators and "melt the fat away" magic pills. 

After you realize that this will be "work" you now have to re-program all that you have ever learned.  Eating healthy is not a punishment but instead a delicious way to spend your life.  Healthy food, if fresh and prepared well, is not only more nutritious than junk food, but is much more tasty.  If you are like me, and LOVE food and LOVE to cook, you can still love food and cooking, but with a healthy lifestyle these things are even more delightful.  You can experiment with all kinds of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and foods of all kinds to create delicious, healthy meals.  Once you taste the freshness and wholesomeness of healthy, natural foods, believe it or not that bacon cheeseburger won’t taste as good anymore.  REALLY!  Also note that eating healthy DOES NOT mean that you must give up all your favorite foods, it simply means you need to consume less of them.  PORTION CONTROL.

As for exercise, if you are new to it, yes, it will be a big adjustment to your lifestyle.  Making time everyday for exercise is like taking on a second job.  It’s a change.  But a GOOD change.  I can guarantee you will never feel so good physically and emotionally as you do when you exercise regularly.  You have more energy, create more "happy hormones" and have increased self-esteem.  Remind yourself of this everyday.  Find an activity you like, or at least can tolerate.

Finally, remember this:  Everything in your life that you value most, requires the most work.  Work On!

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