I Hiked a Very Big Mountain…Worth at Least Three Days of Exercise!!!

Black_mountain_2(the mountain on the left is Black Mountain)

Black_mountain_3 Bill and I on top of Black Mountain in Lake George, NY.  We hiked 6 miles, total, and it lasted 3.5 hours.  It was steep, hot, humid and difficult.  My body ached for a few days, but I did it!!  Beautiful views up on top of the mountain.  You can see the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, Hudson Valley, and of course, Lake George.

It was nice to do something different for a change.  I always run…. everyday that I exercise.  Mostly because I can get a good workout from it, yet it is easy for me.  It was great to do a different activity that challenged me.  I went up the hill pretty fast (so Bill tells me).  I think it was done subconciously as I was anxious to get the "uphill" part over with. :)   I even ran a little on the way down; to me the easy part.  Trail running is fun, but on such a steep incline you have to be careful not to trip.

The funny thing about the experience was that we passed only two people during the entire hike.  We did meet a couple of people at the top but they came from a different trail on the mountain that was much shorter and easier.  Bill and I commented on how it must be because most people on vacation don’t want to exercise as sitting on the boat and drinking beer is the preferred activity, after all, it is a vacation.  That’s unfortunate.

So today I would like to encourage my vacationers to step outside the relm of beach chairs and beers and take some time on your vaca to do a little hiking, walking, biking or anything else that will give you a good workout.  Then you can have beer later and know you already burnt the calories earlier that day!  A good deal!!   

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