It’s a New Year, Don’t Start With Another Yo-Yo Diet

With January 1st approaching, it is tempting for someone who needs to shed a few pounds to start planning for that New Year’s Diet.  Whether it be South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc…, many are preparing themselves for the tortures of the diet they think they need.

Eating a few extra cookies or chocolates this week while telling oneself, “I better enjoy this now, because on January 1st, I start my diet and I can’t have these anymore”.  While this may seem normal, or even healthy, it isn’t.  It is yo-yo dieting.  Eat extra, deprive, eat extra, deprive…and continue to think too much about food as an all-or-nothing part of your life.

Every time you diet, you slow your metabolism down.  Everytime you tell yourself you must go hungry or go without food, you tell your mind to binge later, feel guilty, deprive, and binge again.

Dieting does not teach you how to make better food choices, it doesn’t promote better health, and in the end, if you lost weight on your diet you’re about 95% sure to gain it back.  What’s the point?

So start your year off the right way.   Learn how to make better food choices when you are hungry, rather than going hungry.  Learn how to incorporate your favorite foods into an overall healthy diet.  Try new foods.  Exercise.  Find something you enjoy and set small goals.  And most importantly give yourself credit when you meet even the smallest of your goals.

Happy New Year!


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