Lose Two Pounds a Week with 5 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Any ONE of the following changes will garner one pound per week of fat tissue loss.  Combine two of these and you can lose TWO pounds a week.  (Remember, other than when you first start a weight loss program, safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week)

1.  Exercise at a moderate intensity for 1 hour per day

2.  Replace three soft drinks or juice beverages with either water, brewed iced tea, or seltzer

3.  Combine any TWO to THREE of the following:

a.  Replace a cream-based soup with a broth-based soup

b.  Replace fried meat with grilled meat

c.  Remove skin from chicken

d.  Replace a starchy side-dish with either fruits or vegetables

e.  Replace bagel/cream cheese and juice with a bowl of cereal and fruit

f.  Replace a hamburger with a deli sandwich for lunch

g.  Replace ground beef with ground turkey

4.  Switch from casserole-style meals to  balanced plates consisting of meat/starch/fruit/vegetable in a 1/1/1/2 ratio

5.  Limit eating out to no more than once per week (yes, really) and choose a healthy salad with grilled meat and dressing on the side.

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