Personal Training is for EVERYONE!

While Personal Training was once thought of as a privileged service for athletes and celebrities, society now realizes it is for everyone.  Like many professions, as well as science and technology, the health and fitness industry is ever evolving with new discoveries happening everyday.  We now understand that our bodies are reliant upon healthy nutrition and exercise and that if we don’t take care of ourselves our lives are negatively impacted and we are plagued with obesity, sickness and disease. 

As the health and fitness industry has changed, so has the role of personal trainers.  While there are still some that specialize in athletic enhancement and high levels of fitness, many trainers, like me, focus on the general population helping people achieve better health.

Personal training is meant to be used to motivate, educate and keep people focused on their goals to make exercise a regular part of their life.  Regular exercise increases your metabolism, keeps you healthy and helps you lose weight the safe and effective way, without restricting diets.  As I always say, Exercising for an hour a day is much less painful than dieting 24/7!

Like many professional subjects, the human body is a complex and diverse subject matter.  We all have specialties; maybe you are an engineer or a history teacher and you are well versed in your subject area.  However you probably know very little about your body and how it works.  That is why it is so important to speak with a health and fitness professional so that you may get the accurate and helpful information you need.

As diseases and poor health are on the rise, it is even more crucial that you learn all of the information necessary to take care of your health.  Regular exercise is necessary for preventing many health problems that can arise in the future such as brittle bones, diabetes, heart disease, lack of flexibility and mobility that comes with aging, weak immune systems, back problems and much more.  Having a personal coach may be just what you need to positively change your life and prevent many possible health problems.

If finances are an issue, consider GROUP personal training.  You get the same benefits of One-on-One training, but at a lower cost AND get the opportunity to work with other people just like yourself creating a network of support while having fun.

What are you waiting for? Email me today and schedule an appointment, whether you are local and can meet me at the gym or would like online training.  Life is Valuable; Value it!!   

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