Simple Vegetable Soup

I tried something new….

I bought one of those pre-packaged soup vegetable trays at the supermarket.  It came with a turnip (I’ve actually never cooked one before), a giant parsnip, some celery, carrot, and an onion, along with dill and parsley herbs.


soup veggies 2


I’m always looking for new ways to add more vegetables to my diet, and soup is a great way to do this.  

*Takes all of 5 minutes to throw in a crockpot.

*Cooks itself all day while you’re at work.

*Only dirties one pot.

*And isn’t so filling that you need to undo your belt after eating it.


For this soup, I added a sweet potato, peeled and sliced and a can of cannellini beans  (don’t forget to rinse them).  I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegetarian foods, lately, so I passed on adding chicken.

I’m so sick of eating those birds…

For the broth, I used an Artisan chicken broth from Saffron Road (32 oz. box), with 1 cup of water, and some seasoned salt.

I’ll add some fresh baked bread from the bakery, and maybe some apple sauce for a simple, healthy meal.


Dinner can be easy, quick, have little clean up, and still be healthy.


Love my crockpot!

Soup 2

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