Fruitaburollups You know, I must say, sometimes I am really impressed with Costco.  In the past, I noticed that they never offered much of a selection for healthy foods.  If you wanted that 3 ton bag of potato chips they only offered one kind; plain.  No baked, no natural chips..just plain ol’ Lays brand.

But something wonderful happened..they started carrying not only health food, but organic foods.  I… am…. impressed.  Not only are they one of the top employers to work for (I hear they pay the cashiers something like $25 an hour) but they offer healthy, nutritious foods at great prices.

In re-discovering Costco, I found this groovy new product, similar to fruit leather (the natural, real fruit alternative to those candy-like fruit rollups) called Smooshed Fruit.  It is basically the same as fruit leather (I think it may even be the same company) however Costco carries smooshed fruit in roll-up form instead of leather.   I Love it!!  Great for the kids as all it is..is fruit!  One half serving of fruit per roll up, to be exact.  And because it is Costco, it is for a STEAL!

Check your local Costco for a box.  If you can’t find it, check your local health food store.  I have seen them popping up around town. They are tasty and healthy and remind me of when I was a kid and everyone would take a fruit roll up and wrap it around their pinky and suck it like a lollipop…..so Eighties!

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