Strength Training for Results

While many are familiar with weight training as a hobby or component of exercise, many do not know how to train.  They often mimick what they see others doing, aVERY BAD THING TO DO, or they "guess" at what to do.  However it is really important to meet with a qualified and certified exercise instructor/personal trainer before beginning a program for a few reasons; 1)  safety, 2) effectiveness, 3) desired results.

First, safety.  If you are never instructed in the proper ways of strength training, you are likely to injure yourself.  Sequence, weight and form are all crucial components to insuring safety.  In addition, if you have any mechanical health issues, there are some exercises that you shouldn’t be doing.

If you are going to spend time weight training, you want to make sure that what you are doing is really working the muscles.  The order of your exercises, the type of training you do (there are many different styles of training) , and training that is appropriate for your fitness level are all factors in determining whether or not you are going to have an effective program.  For example, if you are in good physical shape, a circuit training program propbably won’t be effective for you.  Or if you are looking to increase your strength, you won’t do so in a program that includes many repetitions with low weights;  a program more for muscle endurance. 

Lastly, you have a goal.  That goal can be weight loss, muscle endurance, muscle strength or all three.  Your goal will determine what type of training you choose.  For example, if you are looking for weight loss, you will be better off lifting weights before doing your cardiovascular workout and doing whole body circuit training that involves 1-2 sets of each exercise, 3 days a week. 

While health and fitness may seem simple to the average eye, there is a lot of science and technical knowledge behind it.  Get a trainer for yourself before embarking on a program if you have the means and if not, try group training which is less expensive or try online training.  Don’t take a chance on getting permanently injured or working out with an ineffective program.

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