Sweet Zucchini Brown

Side Vegetable Dish- Serves 3-4
10 minutes (prep and cook time)


Calories:  40
Fat: 1g

1 red onion (small)
1 Zucchini (medium)
1/3 cup White Balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp. Brown Sugar

Slice onion in very thin slices and keep intact (see picture).   Zucchini_sliceSlice Zucchini lengthwise, also in long strips.  Cut each zucchini in half.  Layer onion slice in between 2 zucchini slices, like a sandwich.  In a small bowl, using a fork, mix vinegar with sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved.  Dip "sandwiches" in the bowl.  When all sandwiches have been dipped, take a spoon and spoon the remaining sauce into each sandwich. Place on grill (something like a George Foreman grill works great).  Cook for a couple of minutes each side until vegetables are cooked to taste.  The sauce will carmelize forming a nice sweet taste and texture.

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