Why Diets Fail

Have you ever heard yourself say, “wow, I was good today, I ate a salad for lunch?” Or maybe you have said, “I was bad today.  I ate pizza and wings for dinner.”

Since when does morality stem from what we eat?  Are we “bad” or “good” based on whether or not we ate a muffin for breakfast?  I thought our morality was based on things like honesty, compassion, responsibility, respect for others, etc…

While this may seem like I am nit-picking, the myth of morality-based eating is a major reason why so many diets fail people and why so many people fail at breaking free from the diet mentality.

If you can eat without personal judgment you will be much more likely to eat in moderation, enjoy eating, and improve your self-esteem.

So next time you judge yourself based on what you chose to eat, stop the thought and correct it.  Then remind yourself of the traits you possess that really do make you good and smile :)

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