Think “Natural”, not “DIEt”

Many people who need to lose weight go in the wrong direction, which is why they don’t lose the weight they need to lose.  They go for "diet" foods.  Then they are miserable because they are eating some chemically created cupcake that is supposed to taste like a cupcake  but instead taste like nail polish and is supposed to be OK to eat because it has no fat or maybe low calories yet has 25 ingredients no one has ever heard of or can even pronounce.  Well, this is just plain wrong.

You do not need to give up fat, calories or tasty food to lose weight; you have to give up those "pseudo" foods.  If you eat natural foods (simple ingredients) you WILL achieve your healthy weight.  Rather than "DIEt"  think "NATURAL".  Before you eat something, don’t think about calories or fat, ask yourself "Is this Healthy?  Is it in it’s most Natural form?"  If the answer is yes, than go for it!  If not, put that box back on the grocery store shelf.

For example, which is better to eat, sharp cheddar cheese with mixed nuts or a frozen diet dinner meal.  The answer of course is the cheese and nuts.  While they may be higher in fat, they are much healthier and natural.  Cheese is made from milk, nuts are from a plant, frozen dinners are from a laboratory. 

So maybe the reason that 60% of our country is overweight is not because we’re not cutting enough fat and calories, but because we eat too many processed foods.  Give it a try!  What have you got to lose???

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