Tip for the Holidays #2

Instead of chocolates or gift baskets with processed dried meat, why not give people fruit baskets that you make yourself.  It will be much cheaper than Harry and David’s and will promote good health.

Simply buy those large bags of apples, oranges, grapefruits and any other fruit that will last a week or two and add them to your basket.  You can pick up baskets at a local craft store, maybe a dollar store, or maybe even on eBay.  Fill the baskets with shredded colored paper (you can use a paper shredder if you have one at home) or use wood chips, pinecones, anything you like.  Place fruit in basket and you can even add a stuffed animal or pretty scarf or anything else that would go well with fruit (just don’t pick soap or candles; these types of things don’t go with fruit as the fragrances and oils will attach to the fruit, making them unedible).  You can also take out the bread maker (the one with the dust bunnies on it :) ) and add some loaves of fresh baked bread (make sure you wrap in plastic bag and not paper).

You can make these baskets fast and cheap.  They will help people stay healthy through the holidays and people will appreciate the time you put into making them a gift.

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