Tips for Surviving Summer BBQs and Parties While Sticking To Your Diet

My goodness it seems this time of year I spend every weekend going to a BBQ, pool party, etc…  And each one revolves around eating and socializing, as usual. Many people love the opportunity to make that great new appetizer they read about in a magazine and use these parties as an excuse to make them.  So you show up at a party for 20 people and there is enough food to feed 100 people!  You are surrounded by a variety of delicious dishes that you never get to eat, and want to eat it all!


*  First off, don’t treat every party as if it’s your last meal.  Good food will always exist and can always be made, so get rid of the mentality that this is your one-and-only opportunity to dig in to the crab cakes.

* Getting together with friends is why you are there!  Enjoy all the fun games, good conversation, and good weather.  Focus on fun rather than eating.

* Don’t sit next to the food!  Rookie mistake. Don’t plop your booty down right next to all the chips and dip plates.  Grab a seat where you can’t reach the food without getting up.

* Treat yourself by allowing yourself anything you like, as long as it fits on one plate (not mounded, mind you) and no going back for seconds.

* Try to stick to the main meal (not all the apps) and eat as you would at home.  Choose one meat, one starch, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

* Don’t feel you need to eat each and every food.  Choose a few favorites and stick to those.

* Stay away from the booze, or limit to 1-2 drinks, if you must.  Keep in mind alcohol loves to increase your waist line.  Not only is it high in calories, but is almost as dense as fat when it comes to calories per gram (7 calories per gram for alcohol, 9 calories per gram for fat).  Alcohol also makes the liver work at detoxifying it, therefore, “distracting” it from doing  it’s job of burning fat.

* Enjoy the food you can eat, without focusing on all the foods you pass by.

* For potluck parties, bring fruits and vegetables.

* Stick to water or seltzer and pass on the soda and other drinks.  Calories from food is much more enjoyable than from beverage.

* Exercise before you go!!!!!  If you get your workout in before the party, you will feel more motivated to stick to your weight loss plan.

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