Vermicelli with Roasted Garlic and Yellow Peppers

Serves 4

Ready in 10 minutes!

Calories- 235  Fat-2g (per serving) 

8 oz. Vermicelli

1 Yellow Pepper

2-3 stalks of Green Onions

WishBone Salad Spritizer**- Italian Vinaigrette Dressing

¼ cup (or to taste) White Balsamic Vinegar

1-2 tsp. Minced Garlic

Boil a pot of water to cook Vermicelli. While the water is getting hot, chop yellow pepper and place in medium size bowl.  Using kitchen shears, chop green onions (green section only) and place in same bowl.  Cook Vermicelli, but be sure not to overcook as Vermicelli is ruined if not cooked al dente (it gets mushy) then drain in colander.  Add vermicelli to bowl and mix with pepper and onions.  While pot is still hot (no water in pot), place garlic in pot and “quick” roast until garlic starts to brown.  Using a spatula, remove garlic from pot and add to vermicelli mix.  Spray about 25-30 sprays of the WishBone Salad Spritizer*- Italian Vinaigrette Dressing into bowl.  Add vinegar.  Mix all ingredients gently into pasta.  Serve warm or cold with a salad and chicken or fish for a great low-fat meal.

**WishBone Salad Spritzer is a great new product that is salad dressing in a spray bottle. With only 1 calorie per spray, you can have better control over how much dressing you use and you get more "bang for your buck" because spraying dressing covers more turf than pouring and mixing.   You will find it in the salad dressing section of your local grocery store. 

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