Way to Go V-8!

Ok, I need to make a statement…..I really am a normal person and I really do make sense, I promise.  In past blogs I have made reference to the fact that juice should be consumed in moderation..and I mean it!!!  Please don’t confuse this with thinking that juice is bad for you or your children…it is healthy…in moderation…it’s just you shouldn’t give your kids juice all day long…kabeesh??  Ok, now that we are clear on this….

There is a great new juice out made by V-8 called "FUSION".  I am loving it!!! Not only is it YUMO, but it has vegetables in it that you can’t even taste!!!!  How wicked awesome is that!

I’ll tell you how awesome that is..my children who refuse to eat vegetables will drink it. "Sneaky moms choose V-8"..that is a slogan right there!

Yes, the nutritionist’s children hate vegetables..but they still eat them..they just don’t know it!  As a mother with finicky eaters, I love to learn new ways to get my kids to eat good stuff.  So when companies come up with products that help me do that, I greatly appreciate it.  Each 8 oz serving of V-8 Fusion has a FULL serving of veggies AND a Full serving of fruit.  Works for me.  And the flavors are tasty…

So give it a try!

BTW, yes..I have been "absent" lately.  Still catching up from our big move.  I promise I am working up some great new recipes (in my snazy new kitchen that I designed) and will post some of them shortly.  My project right now is kid-friendly meals and snacks…so keep checking back this summer!

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