You can’t change your health if you won’t change your habits

I was giving a seminar recently and I suggested to the group that they change their eating and cooking habits.  The usual things like use less butter in recipes and instead use applesauce or use skim milk instead of whole milk in casseroles.  Simple enough to me.  But I don’t think many in attendance agreed with me as I saw their vacant facial expressions and could hear their minds saying  "is she crazy??".

It reminded me of how often I meet with clients, whether individually or in groups, and how often I hear the underlying message of  " I hate being overweight, I hate feeling sick all of the time,  and I want to lose 50 pounds, but I don’t want to have to exercise and I don’t want to change my eating habits…."  Well my response to that message lingering in the air is;  then how do you expect to change??"

Like I have said before,  if being healthy were easy, we would all be healthy! 

Eating healthy is not a punishment and nor is exercise.  Exercise can be invigorating and energy enhancing.    Healthy foods are delicious; fresh fruit, baked fish in lemon, grilled chicken with garlic, and salads made with feta cheese, grilled steak, almonds, craisins and more.  Greasy, fatty foods tend to taste terrible!!  It is a wonder to me why so many are attached to these foods.  Some taste OK, but a little goes a long way.  I also often find that when I eat something greasy,  I never feel well after I eat it.  So what is the problem??

Aside from the obvious physiological changes that take place when one takes good care of themselves is the psychological rewards.  Healthy living creates a positive emotional state; feelings of happiness and satisfaction with oneself.  Priceless.

So go ahead and try something new.  Try a new recipe, a new way of cooking, a new exercise, a new way of living.  And stop making excuses….If you want your life to change, you have to change it yourself!

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